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The mission of Giftscoach is to help you find the best presents for any giftee and occasion. Caring for your confidentiality, giftscoach finds it vital to explain how and why your data is collected and used on the website. You can control the way your confidential info is acquired, used, and shared. Check it below in several sections of giftscoach confidentiality policy and cookie.

Below is the outline of Giftscoach Privacy Policy

  • Before or when gathering your data, giftscoach will define the purposes for it.
  • To fulfill the purposes, giftscoach needs your data accurate, relevant, and up-to-date as much as it is possible.
  • Your confidential info will purely serve the purposes specified by giftscoach. The only exception is in case of your permission or when the law requires.
  • Giftscoach will retain the data as long as needed for fulfilling the purposes. One of them is high-quality marketing and provision of customized services to you.
  • Your personal data will be collected legally and fairly. If needed and appropriate, the fact of its gathering will be brought to your notice. For you to think it over and decide on consent.
  • If you do not want to share your confidential data or adhere to the provisions above and further, please stop using the website until you do. Giftscoach will involve the most reliable security agents to prevent your confidential information from being lost, stolen, copied, modified, unauthorizedly accessed, or disclosed.
  • Giftscoach will continuously control that the policies and methods of private info management are easily accessible to you.
  • Giftscoach is not liable for any third-party confidentiality policies.

Remarketing & Behavioral Targeting

Utilizing this service, will analyze your website-related activities to optimize and adjust affiliate products. Tracking your cookies and data usage will let giftscoach personalize your gift finding experience.

For example, services Facebook Custom Audience and Facebook Remarketing will enable giftscoach to stay connected with the ads network. By the way of transferring some of your data introduced by cookies and email address.

Your confidential data is processed in the USA and worldwide and secured by the Privacy Shield. Click on Privacy Policy to see yourself.

Want more than opt-out provided by the further listed services? Consider third-party service’s cookie use on Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


What’s a cookie? It’s a small text file that the webserver sends to your device. It’s used by giftscoach to keep abreast of some of your browsing activity on the website.

The cookies will be applied as soon as you enter the site, surf it, click on any buttons and icons. Including the products you liked, and signing up to receive giftscoach newsletters or create your personal gifts wishlist.

In this way, you let giftscoach know nothing more than bare essentials your personal data. This will enable giftscoach to personalize your experience on the website. 

Also, the cookies may obtain information about the gadget you use, browser type, and demographic data. If you followed a third-party site link to reach giftscoach, its URL will also be disclosed.

Somewhat confused? Let’s figure out the difference. The cookies created and used by are first-party. Third-party ones are created by other domains and allow monitoring of your interaction with gift-ideas content or ads to optimize them.

You can disable first-and-third-party cookies, receive notifications of new ones, or stop accepting them whenever needed. Turn to the Help feature of the menu bar on your browser. And make sure to scrub your cache clean.

For more info on cookies and their blocking, look through

Why use them? By accepting cookies, you’ll reap the greatest benefit from using the website and its features. However, rejecting them, you’ll still see ads and affiliate products.

All in all, giftscoach gathers info on your Cookie Settings and Usage Data. In case of registration, your email is also collected. But you can always opt out if you wish.

Giftscoach is eager to carry out business activities in line with the above-mentioned principles to keep your personal data safely protected.

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