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Frequently asked questions

Gift finder helps you find the gift that perfectly meets your needs in just a minute. 

You simply choose: 

  • who is the giftee
  • what’s the occasion
  • your budget

And the gift finder displays gift ideas that follow your criteria

You can also specify your giftee’s interests (if you know) for a more precise selection of gift ideas. 

Giftscoach is your best helping mate when it comes to choosing truly wanted gifts for your family and friends. 

Giftscoach has researched tons of social studies and statistic reports to figure out what presents people prefer to receive. Depending on their gender, age, interests, status, etc.

Based on these findings, giftscoach selected the most wanted gifts from the top tier platforms and sellers like Amazon, Etsy, etc. And created gift guides to help you choose the right present for your giftee out of so many options. 

And on top of the cake there’s giftscoach gift finder.

Yes, absolutely. It costs nothing for you to find the wanted present using Giftscoach gift finder. Because it’s Giftscoach mission to make your loved ones happy

For giftscoach, the best thankie is your feedback on this gift-finding experience. Social shares and referrals are very welcome and highly appreciated.

But is there any financial benefit for giftscoach? – You might wonder. Well, yes. Whenever you buy a present after clicking ‘check it out’, giftscoach may earn a small commission. 

No worries, there’s no additional cost for you. That’s how affiliate programs work. They pay influencers for advertising their products. Be sure, giftscoach recommends only the best ones!

  • Use gift finder to choose out of present ideas that meet your criteria (giftee, occasion, budget, interests).
  • Consult research-based gift guides to figure out what kind of gifts your giftee wants.

Giftscoach gift guides are based on social studies and statistical data. They help you understand what kind of presents are worth considering. Depending on your giftee age and gender, your relations, and the occasion.

Most gift guides help you decide on the budget. They also narrow down the direction of present options. Besides, help you avoid giving undesirable presents

And the coolest part of gift guides is, of course, gift ideas! Because in some cases, you don’t need any guides, huh? All you need is a selection of win-win presents to choose from.

Because giftscoach is the best gift-giving expert you can find on the web. Giftscoach knows what’s trendy and what your giftee likes

Besides, giftscoach gift ideas come only from trusted and widely known online platforms. Such as Amazon, Etsy, Coursera, and many others you know.

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