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While shopping for kids might seem quite hard, giftscoach will easily persuade you otherwise. Just spare a few minutes of your precious time reading this helpful guide. We promise you won’t leave this web page empty-handed. And will surely come up with a present they’ve been dreaming about! Follow these thoughtful pieces of advice to become their superhero!

Gifts for Children: General Advice

First of all, remember that gifts for kids have to be safe, interesting, fun, and preferably educative. That’s why it’s really essential to consider the age of your little gift’s receiver. Evidently, a preschooler won’t be impressed by a baby rattle or plush toy that are perfect picks for babies. While it might be confusing to decide what gifts for kids are best for each age category, feel free to follow giftscoach guides. Besides, most toys for kids have age labels. The most popular gifts for small boys and girls of each age category are listed below. For more gifts for kids or guides specifically for your category, just click on the needed one.

The level of child’s development also substantially matters. There are 3-years-olds who already hate those huge Lego bricks and are simply bored with another Lego set for infants. Consequently, they expect you to give them 6+ Lego or any other game for older kids. In this case, it’s preferable to know the child’s preferences and level of development before thinking of a good present. Nevertheless, huge bricks Lego is still a nice choice for babies who have only started exploring this cool stuff for little constructors. Mind that this Lego example is just an illustration of how confusing age labels might be. Don’t worry though. You’ll surely end up with a truly wanted present using this thoughtful giftscoach guide!

Sexism Disclaimer: Best Gifts for Girls and Cool Gifts for Boys Apart

Evidently, it’s essential to think whether you’re looking for gifts for boys or girls. Usually, the wanted gifts for each are extremely different. It’s best to opt for cute gifts for girls such as beautiful dolls, Barbie, and dollhouses. They also love plush toys like sweet teddy bears or sound pets, plastic dinosaurs, pony hoper, etc. Or anything else pink and cutie. Little women will also like different kinds of girly sets. So that they learn the basics of cooking, hairdressing, nursing etc. These may also include Play-Doh or any other fascinating toy sets. It’s also a good idea to consider toy kitchen appliances, such as toasters, mixers, coffee machines, blenders, microwaves etc. In contrast, while choosing little boy gifts under 10, you should remember they are little men to be. They all love mechanical stuff, something they may explore. Thus, good gifts for kids boys certainly include different cars, planes, trains, spaceships, transformers, and anything else of that kind.

In fact, there’s something both girls and boys love almost equally, and it’s definitely the art. It’s definitely worth checking the best gifts for children who love drawing and crafting. These include glitter liquid watercolors, washable paints, dot paints, canvases, easels, craft sets, and play dough or slime set. Besides, both girls and boys will certainly love some multi-color gel or glitter pens. Magna Doodles are certainly also worth giving! Consider various art sets or craft materials, e.g., beads, googly eyes, craft gems, construction paper, crafting scissors, pompoms etc. For more profound gift ideas, just skip to the age category of your giftee.

Gift Ideas for Newborns and Infants

It’s truly essential to understand that babies are new to this world. They only start discovering surroundings, both people and things. That’s why it’s best to think of something visually appealing, musical, and preferably funny. Especially if you’re thinking of gifts for babies under 1. Babies love laughing, it makes them grow joyful, optimistic, and happy. Why not contribute to this by choosing the right gifts for newborn children or infants? These may include rattles, musical toys, rattle and roll cars, bumpy balls, interactive toys, fun strollers, clip-on toys, etc. Also think of activity mirrors with cards, cloth books, playmats, car seat toys, fun rockers, stroller arches, and so on. In fact, these are really good gifts for babies first birthday. You may also think of painting gift ideas for newborns or infants because they are so creative. That’s why it’s the best time to give some creative painting kit they can explore together with their folks. Also, make sure to check out more giftscoach ideas of small cute gifts for infant babies!

You might also wanna get ready with some useful baby-related gifts for parents. These gift ideas for babies 3 6 months may include all sorts of bottles, bodysuits, blankets, and even diapers. They will need lots of such stuff, so it’s really thoughtful to help them with all the essentials.

While choosing gifts for babies, it might also be wise to consult with parents. They might be against certain products. Besides, there are some popular gifts for babies, so you may well give what they already have. In fact, such awkward moments are quite challenging to avoid. That’s why make sure to attach the receipt in case they want to exchange your gift for something else.

Gifts for Toddlers

That’s probably the time of kids’ peak activity and learning. Make your amazing gifts for toddlers will foster your giftee’s development. As soon as kids can crawl and later wobble, they start discovering everything that surrounds them. Just a bit closer than babies. Toddlers love touching things. And not simply touching. They love taking things apart and putting back together, pulling out and putting in, adding on and building up. That’s basically the way kids discover how everything works. Besides, that’s how they develop motor skills as well as spatial relations skills and hand-eye coordination. Let alone the essential logical and problem-solving skills. Think of nesting blocks, shape sorters, building kits, LEGO, puzzles, bowling sets, toolsets, etc. These are definitely among the coolest gifts for toddlers that substantially contribute to stirring the little explorer’s curiosity.

The best gifts for toddlers also include various toys for kids for sand and water play, which they adore so much! Also, check out tricycles, balls, pull-toys, child-size basketball hoops etc. It’s also worth considering adult-like stuff for little explorers, e.g., plastic food and dishes, musical instruments, toy phones, etc. In addition, great gifts for toddlers are the ones that grow together with them. Consider choosing plastic animals, marvel heroes, stuffed animals and so on. Gifts for toddler girls include dolls and dollhouses, while great gifts for boy toddlers are spaceship, cars, trains, planes etc. Among worthy creative gifts for children, giftscoach singles out various art materials like paints, markers, crayons or play-dough. You can also inspire them to learn and socialize by giving magnetic alphabet letters, board games or colorful books. Unique gifts for kids may also include 3D shape toys, sorting kits, bean bags, and cookie cutters.

Best Gifts for Preschoolers

Kids of this age category are getting ready for school. They start learning how to write, read, count, draw, craft, and socialize. That’s why good gifts for preschoolers should help them develop all these essential skills. Top gifts for kids of preschool age are the ones that help them learn math, science, and literacy. Check out Unifix Cubes, Dominoes, Magnetic numbers or number puzzles, Pattern Blocks, Dice, Geoboards and various Math Games such as Sequence Numbers, Sum Swamp, and Number Bingo. It’s also certainly worth thinking about books to develop a preschoolers reading skills and literacy. You may also consider a bright set of magnetic letters, whiteboard, or colorful journals for kids. Also, think of finger puppets to foster their story-telling skills.

Best gifts for young children related to science include various experiments kits, such as The Magic School Bus’ Chemistry Lab, The Curious Kid’s Science Kit, Learning Resources’ Primary Science Lab Kit, Snap Circuits Discovery Kit, etc. Not only are they extremely fun and educative, but also will certainly stir curiosity of young explorers. It’s also worth thinking of various lab tools such as eye droppers, measuring tapes, magnets, electronic or sand timers, magnifying glasses, scales, microscope, telescope or any other exciting stuff to play with and learn things. Kids simply adore that! And that’s how they contract interest in science. Another gift ideas to bear in mind certainly include an ant farm or a butterfly raising kit. That’s the coolest way to teach them biology as well as encourage being careful and responsible.

Gifts for Children of Grade School Age

The best gifts for children who started going to school are the ones that promote activity and socialization. Cool gifts for children of school age certainly include roller skates, skateboard, kite, bicycle, scooter or even a gyroboard. Think of anything that will get them outdoors and play with others. Colorful sidewalk chalk and skakalka are also great picks! Among the best Christmas gifts for girls and boys of school age, there are certainly sleds, snowboards or some equipment like snow resistant goggles or warm waterproof mittens. Also, think of dominoes, board games, or jigsaw puzzles. These gifts for kids help them socialize and develop essential logical and problem solving skills. To foster their interest in science, give them some cool experiments kit or even a telescope. These gifts for children will certainly create amazing memories and contribute to a child’s interest in science and environment.

Remember, children are very curious and already very advanced at this age. That’s the best time to give them drones, remote-controlled cars or planes, electrical trains, spy kits, etc. Also, think of some cool gadgets, such as speakers, tablets, or smartphones. You may also think of a laptop or computer if they still haven’t got it. They will surely need it for school. You may also give some cool video games or gaming equipment. They really love such stuff!

Think of gifts that might encourage them to take up new hobbies. Think of construction sets, craft materials, or cool models they can build themselves. Among cool gifts for children of school age, giftscoach also singles out musical instruments. The most popular ones are drums, guitar, and piano. Or you may choose something related to sport, e.g., … You choose.

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