The Ultimate Ideas of Choosing Gifts for Babies

The first thing you need to understand while choosing gifts for babies is that they are new to this world. They only start discovering the surroundings by touching, tasting, smelling as well as using sight and sound. That’s why gifts for babies under 1 should be absolutely safe and pleasant to touch. Besides, the best gifts for newborn babies are the ones that encourage them to explore the world and interact. You should also understand that newborns are developing really fast, so their age in months really matters. Check giftscoach top gift ideas for newborns for different age categories to end up with truly cool gifts for babies!

Gifts For Newborn Babies

Newborns are quite fragile and helpless, they can’t even support their own head yet. They sleep a lot and are typically awake during only one hour every ten. All they need is comfort in every single aspect of it. Above all, the little newcomers to this world should be supplied with mom’ milk and a smoke-free environment. That’s the essentials their parents have to take care of. Besides, the little newcomers to this world need a warm and cozy place to sleep. While that also should be provided by the parents, you can slightly contribute to their comfort as well. E.g., reddit best gifts for new babies include soft blankets, hooded towels, plush sleepwear, fleece booties and so on. You can also give some rattles or stroller toys, these are their favorite entertainments at this stage. Or you may even consider giving a cool nursery center.

Besides, the little newcomers to this world need lots of hugs and kisses. They get quite a lot from their parents. However, that’s also time to think of giving some cute plush toys or even huge teddy bears. These are also among the best gifts for premature babies since they usually sleep a lot. And it’s really enjoyable to sleep hugging your favorite fluffy toy! Moreover, the little newcomers really love listening to their parents’ voice. As well as all other sounds they can hear. That’s why it’s really cool to give them talking toys, there’s truly a wide range to choose from. Consider Talking Tom, Ginger, Ben, Angela, Scruff-a-Luvs, Hamster, Sesame, Mother Goose or even a cool talking animals set. In addition, you can even think of a musical rhymes book ‘cause it’s never too early to start learning. Especially in such an entertaining and engaging way!

Gift Ideas For Babies 3 6 Months

At this stage of their development, the little newcomers to this world are quite fascinated by their own hands and feet. That’s a great time to give them astonishing foot finders and wrist rattles or even a set with both. Moreover, 3-month babies love laughing a lot. So, it’s really cool to foster their joyfulness by giving some interactive gifts for new born children. These usually include some singing or talking toys with plenty of big bright buttons. Because the best gifts for babies of this age are certainly bright, colorful, and visually appealing. It’s even better if they make them laugh. It’s also worth thinking of small cute gifts for infant babies, such as different teethers and rattles. Cool gifts for rainbow babies also include handprint and footprint sets so the parents have lasting sweet memories of them.

Mind that babies of this age will be alert during no longer than 15 minutes. That’s why they need quite a plenty of different toys and educational sets to take turns exploring them. The little newcomers to this world really love listening to their parents talking and reading to them. They also adore listening to different songs, especially lullabies. That’s why it’s really worth considering different talking or musical toys. Besides, it’s not too early to give some play books or cloth books. Also, think of fun stroller toys since newborns usually spend quite a lot of time walking in a stroller. These are really good financial gifts for newborn children.

Great Gifts For Babies 6 12 Months

At this age, babies already can roll over and even sit being supported by their parents, they also learn crawling. Besides, 6-month babies can already reach their toys if they are in sight as well as hold them without help. In addition, that’s the time when babies are getting familiarized with themselves. They really like looking in the mirror exploring the way they look as well as watching themselves in action. That’s why a cool mirror definitely  should be included in your gifts for liberal babies of 6m+ list. You can also think of a car mirror if you are sure that the parents still haven’t bought it. Babies also love listening to nice sounds. That’s why bright musical or dancing toys are undoubtful win-wins! Consider such options as Dance & Move BeatBo, Mickey Mouse, Booty Shakin Llama, Sunflower, Box Dancing Puppy or even Dancing Robot!

Cool ideas of gifts for crawling babies include different kinds of playmats (e.g., plush, musical, educational, water etc.). It’s also worth thinking of various activity gyms and playards to ensure they play safely, learn things, and have fun. Gift ideas for 9 month old babies should be even more interactive because the little explorers are already quite advanced at this age. It’s also time to think of educational toys that teach them matching and sorting, stacking, singing, and be creative. In addition, think of toys and activities that foster babies’ motor skills. You can also consider painting gift ideas for newborns so they start learning art and craft with their parents.

Gifts For Babies First Birthday

While choosing presents on the very first birthday of your little giftee, it’s certainly worth thinking of long term gifts for babies. No denying, newborns are quite fast growers. So, it’s really thoughtful to give such gifts for newborn children that they can use long after their first birthday. Though trivial as it may sound, think of a huge teddy bear. It’s definitely among good gifts for surprise babies since they really love touching soft and pleasant fluffy toys. Besides, it’s always cool to have a huge plush friend since the youngest age. Moreover, it’s always cool to think of personalized gifts for babies on their first birthday. These typically include blankets, hand & footprint sets, pacifier clips, photo frames, brush sets, ruffle rompers, bodysuits and anything else personalized you can think of. Memory journals are also an amazing gift that lets recollect the baby’s first life events.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that babies are already quite advanced as they’ve reached the age of one year. It won’t take long since the first birthday before they learn to walk and talk. That’s definitely the time to give them different books, preferably interactive ones. It’s really essential to read a lot to them at this time of their growth and development. Talking toys will also do just fine. They will surely make great friends at once! Moreover, it’s high time to think of educational toys. The more, the better. They really need lots of different activities to keep themselves busy and learn new things. That’s also a time when infants learn eating on their own. So, it would be really thoughtful to give a safe eating utensils set as well as cozy silicon bibs.

Good Christmas Gifts For Babies

If you need unique gifts for babies at Сhristmas for your godchild, consider a personalized baptism keepsake box. You may also give a bath essentials set to the parents. Be sure, they’ll need quite a lot of such stuff and be extremely grateful to receive such a thoughtful present. These certainly won’t be bad gifts for babies either. Besides, cool Christmas gifts for newborn babies can also be personalized. Think of Christmas stockings, pillowcase, keepsake box, photo frame, footprint ornament or anything else of that kind related to Xmas.

In addition, babies will be really happy to receive their own toy xmas tree with mesmerizing lights and sounds. That’s probably the best baby Christmas gift ever! There’s also plenty of Christmas themed gifts. These include cute family figures, xmas tree, snow-baby on a sleigh, holiday stickers, first xmas ornaments and so on. You can even give some cute xmas themed bodysuits, reindeer winter hat, sleep and playsuits, teething bibs etc. These are really good gender neutral gifts for babies. Good gift ideas for freeze babies also include personalized blankets, hooded towels, plush sleepwear, fleece booties, winter coat etc. Also, it’s certainly worth thinking of books, maybe even some kindle editions. You may also consider Amazon Christmas gift cards, let’s say in a Holiday Twig, Reindeer  or Santa box. These are really good options in fact!

Best Gifts For Boy Babies

While toys and books are rather gender neutral gifts for babies, you might also want to consider some presents specifically for baby boys. Among the best baby boys presents is certainly the Motorcycle Gift Set. You may also consider personalized baby-boys presents, such as pacifier clips, hooded bath towels, keepsake hats, bodysuits, airplane blankets etc. Cool personalized toys are also an Oatmeal Bunny Rabbit and Baby Elephant with the boy’s name. If you wanna give an unusual present, consider a cool Harley Davidson set of socks, bibs, vest, beanie and booties. Even if his folks aren’t bikers, this is a really cool clothing set for a baby boy. If that’s a present for your godchild, consider giving a nice baptism box. If you are getting ready with the baby shower present, it’s really cool to think of a diaper cake or a gift basket!

Good Gifts For Babies Girls

Since books and toys are mostly gender neutral gifts for babies, you can also consider some baby girl presents. Most baby girls are fashionistas to be, so clothing presents are highly appreciated, especially stylish rompers, bodysuits, outfits etc. Stylish baby girls will be also glad to get a cool Harley Davidson clothing set with girly bibs. A nice brush and comb set is also a win-win for baby girls. It’s also worth considering personalized gifts for baby girls. These may include little princess and teddy bear blankets, embroidered hats, or even cute pacifiers. Baby-girls simply adore such stylish accessories!

If that’s a present for your godchild, consider giving christening presents like a cross or an elegant keepsake box. Finally, while getting ready for a baby shower, it’s really cool to think of a gift basket, diaper cake, or even the necessities set for parents! Be sure, they’ll highly appreciate such thoughtful presents!

Gifts For Twin Babies

In fact, twins are probably the most troublesome giftees to shop for since they may have different tastes even despite looking alike. Good news is that babies might not have such a problem yet. That’s why you can still think of simply giving the same stuff in two copies for each. Besides, giftscoach highly recommends an amazing We are Twins set with 2 plush elephant rattles and a keepsake book. There’s also a cuddle twins set of monkeys, bears, tigers, elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes, lambs and many other toy animals. You can also think of paired bodysuits, funny bibs, pacifiers, memory books, or even a photo frame. Besides, it’s also worth thinking of a gift basket or diaper cake. Be sure, the parents will be really grateful for such a thoughtful present. In fact, there are some really cool diaper cakes for twin girls, boys, and both of them.