Gift Guide & Ideas for Every Type of Wife — How to Choose the Best Gifts for Your Wife?

She’s become the most important woman of your life. Your dearest friend, devoted supporter and caring mother. Your wife — the lady who deserves much more than a trivial bunch of flowers or another kitchen utensil for Valentine’s Day,birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

According to 2015 research, great gifts for wife are the most difficult to find. So, knowing all your woman’s dirty little secrets, you’re unlikely to avoid a dead end when choosing unique gifts for your wife.

Ran out of touching & meaningful gift ideas for your wife? There’re a pile of options dug out by giftscoach from the very depth of the net. So, if you feel like showing some extra appreciation to your precious woman, scroll down & be a noble knight with the coolest gifts for wife in the can!

Birthday Gifts for Wife

What’s your birthday girl distinct for? There’re various birthday gifts ideas for wife depending on her personality:

  • If she’s a globetrotter, please her with a matching loungewear set, a colorful pushpin map, a winter beanie, or a skincare travel set.
  • If your dear’s more of a homebird, get her a new velvet piece of furniture, a huge bath bomb set, or a fancy wine holder with glasses to let her picnic in the backyard.
  • If sport is her true passion, you don’t need to look for the best gifts for wife a lot. A last-model fitness tracker, a pair of hardworking sneakers, and a compact stepper are always on the list!

Entering the fourth decade, your charming spouse may be much depressed. Put a pin on her upcoming midlife crisis with blasting 30th birthday gift ideas for wife. A romance-ideas book is certain to nourish your relationship. What won’t ever leave her cold is a bunch of chocolate red roses. If you wanna something more valuable, opt for a lavender record player or an original instant camera.

Celebrate your dear’s meaningful milestone with no less meaningful 50th birthday gift ideas for wife. An overnight foot care kit, a bedside smartphone vase, and a state-of-the-art Kindle will serve her in the long run!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Although more than 40 % of people spend their Christmas budget on children, think of your dearest woman in the first place. While clothing is surprisingly a win-win, according to recent research, vouchers, cash, irresistible fragrances, accessories, and her favorite beauty products are top Christmas gifts for wife too!

Show you’re her attentive understudy. Think of her latest expenses, spare time experiences she enjoyed or ask her friends not to run the risk.

  • If she’s fond of culinary, give her a bottle of an exquisite wine to accompany her favorite homemade dish or a delicious olive oil to make for new tastes. A special carved cutting boardwith a pair of touching words or a bright pleasing apron put on it will go for thoughtful Christmas gifts for wife too!
  • If she’s a devoted reader, surprise her with a yearly book subscription, put a sophisticatedly designedset of Jane Austen’s worksunder a fir, or present her a ticket to a literary evening.
  • If she’s dreaming of taking up a new hobby, make a step ahead with one of the best gifts for wife on Christmas! With a cool how-to calligraphy bookshe’ll master the art of Chinese creativity with a flip of a switch!

Be careful about how the meaning behind your gifts for the wife may be interpreted. Forget about kitchen utensils, a vacuum cleaner, or feminine hygiene products unless you wanna end up sleeping on the couch forever. Opt for win-win xmas gifts for wife instead. A snazzy coffee machine, a flower bouquet subscription, and a skin care set are your safe bet!

Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Commemorate a relationship milestone with a map of the stars from your wedding night or a diamond ring with a date of your acquaintance engraved on the inside. Other appealing anniversary gift ideas for wife are a booking of the hotel room where you spent your wedding night or a romantic getaway for another honeymoon.

If you’ve been married for 12 months so far, let your lady take a break from you for a while. Wireless headphones to flee from noise, a patterned tote bag to dive in long-hour shopping, and a Netflix subscription for a perfect movie marathon. Will make for great 1-year anniversary gifts for wife!

Another couple of years together is a perfect pretext for satisfying her sweet tooth. A pack of adorable champagne gummies or yummy Asian snacks are merely the best gift ideas for wife who has everything. Wanna make sure she won’t be nagging at you for choosing weight-on 3-year anniversary gift ideas for wife? Get her a set of shea butter bars or a candy-smelling candle.

A decade under one roof isn’t a joke! This anniversary is literally made to surprise your girl with a present she won’t ever buy herself! A portable photo printer to keep precious memories alive, a charging stone may seem somewhat unnecessary but still the best 10th anniversary gifts for wife!

Going hand-in-hand with your woman for a quarter-century, you’re to thank her for the years of perfect marriage. Fill the pages of a tangible photo book with your shared memories. Get her high-quality coffee packages from the countries you’ve been to, or she’s dreaming to visit. Declare your love again on the pages of a love-letter book. No need to look for other 25th anniversary gift ideas for wife, uh?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

Your child may lack finances to show admiration to their mother due to the impact of COVID-19. Come up with ideas for giving the woman of your family a mutual present. Organize a spa day at home, please her with breakfast in bed, and do a puzzle all together. If your kids are apart, plan a video call — your lady will burst into tears of happiness!

Don’t throw practicality out of the window! Purchase your wife’s favorites to make her “armed” for any occasion. A pair of fashionable & functional leggings, pied notebook, stylish sunglasses, or a new make-up brush kit. These Mother’s Day gifts for wife won’t collect dust for sure!

Mother’s Day is a day to praise your woman for giving birth to your children again. Get her a delicate gold bracelet, children-names necklace, and stunning zodiac earring to make her shine. Fill a memory box with the photos of your kids and yours, add some lovely handwritten notes. Observe your lady touched to the heart!

Ready to run the risk with one of the most unusual mother’s day gift ideas for wife? Reverse roles for 24 hours! Follow your woman’s daily routine: cook meals for the entire family, handle all the house stuff, look after children. Your lady will be astonished for sure!

Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Your lady’s bearing the most precious treasure, needing enough help & care as never before. Brighten up her daily routine choosing within peculiar gift ideas for pregnant wife. Hire a maid service or clean the house on your own saving her a day of complete rest. Get her a fluffy bathrobe, a pair of fuzzy socks & comfortable slippers to keep her in warmth all the time. Make her sleep deep and healthy with a new set of luxurious sheets or a state-of-the-art mattress.

Women at the jump are inundated with various fears and worries. Show your girl you’re always there for her with the greatest birthday gift ideas for pregnant wife. Cook a meal together, spend a couple of hoursdriving around talking about everything, or watch a movieyou both haven’t had enough time to see.

Contribute to her guilty pleasures — everything goes to the pregnant! A popcorn or candy cotton machine makes for the funniest birthday gift ideas for pregnant wife. A massage chair will throw her to cloud nine! When it comes to holidays with Christmas gifts for pregnant wife, pick a special rainbow cookie delivery as a sweet treat!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

Don’t follow a 46-percent tendency to give her flowers and nothing else! There’re lots of gift ideas for the wife who’s a stranger to triteness. You can take her to an amusement park or organize a frosty camping adventure. An impressionistic jigsaw puzzle goes in the list of unusual Valentine gifts for wife too!

Think out of the bouquet! …or give her a hint for gardening with star roses 🙂 A bamboo bathtub caddy, Secret Garden coloring book, and a fancy eye mask paired with soft pajamas will be the presents she’ll eagerly tell her friends about!

Leave your best woman a touching love message wherever you’re this day. Combine a pack of cute shortbread cookies with a hand-blended tea set to warm her up on winter nights. Complete your Valentine gift ideas for wife with a weighted blanket to ensure her comfort!

Women love experiences. 2019 research has found parachuting, dinner in complete darkness or massage for two are to be praised almost equally to a trip to Paris. Here you go — excellent gift ideas for wife are dug out!

Romantic & Sexy Gifts for Wife

Express your love clearly with a couple of nominal romantic gift ideas for wife. A bunch of metal roses which won’t ever get wilted. Another cute stuffed toy to complete an on-shelf collection. If genuine love means sincere care for you & your wife’s recently started driving, give her a car’s suspended chain 🙂 There’re actually more bounties for her available too!

Recent research has found a great surprise to be the key factor of a successful romantic celebration. Put all your imagination into gifts for your wife. A wooden music box delivering her favorite soundtrack and a wedding vow keepsake wall art filling her heart with love. Quite cool gift ideas for wife, uh? An IT product of the latest model, as one of the most desired bounties, is worth giving too!

Hope you’re going to have sex this Valentine’s Day or whatever unlike 42 % of Americans. Check out a provoking conversation starter game and a temptation-raising board game as best gifts for wife who likes being frisky!

Remember romance isn’t always about gift-giving. Hot tea served to bed when needed, an unexpected date, or an ordinary walk for pleasure are good gifts for wife who needs just your presence nearby.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Wife

Keep this day forever in her memory with exquisite wedding gifts for wife. A wedding cake scented soy candle or a personalized bookmark with your wedding date engraved on. Opt for a two-part pendant to show your readiness to share the whole life with her.

Sneak the most important things into your future wife’s carry on. A rosé cocktail kit, wooden French coffee press, and a great self-help book for you both make for the best wedding gift ideas for wife!

If there’s a sort of pre-wedding tension, comforting & cool gifts for wife are necessary to choose. A plaid blanket scarf, totally cashmere sweater, or a high-quality fleece blanket will wrap her body and warm soul. Worries will never visit your house!

DIY Gifts for Wife

If her crafty skills are a pure perfection, giftscoach has a great gift guide for wife who never lets her hands rest:

  • If your house is adorned with your wife’s embroidered, painted or sculpted masterpieces, give her a sewing station to keep supplies organized or a brand-new color reader to find the closest color matches. An ultimate embroidery tea towel kit or another paint-by-number drawing will make for good bday gifts for wife too!
  • If your wardrobes are filled with pied handmade accessories, get your wife a DIY bracelet kit or a homemade earring painting mix.

If your relatives are queuing to try her new extra-delicious dishes, such unique gifts ideas for wife are endless. A DIY beef jerky making kit, mini waffle maker, or a DIY cheese kit will turn her into a real Gordon Ramsey! BTW, culinary workshops will go for extra creative gifts for wife 2020 offers — one fifth of women supports!

If your lady is with a green thumb, celebrate her hobby with an in-house gardening kit, floral gardening tools, and a heart-warming succulents collection. The answer to “what are fancy gift ideas for my wife?” seems found!