41 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas? Well, being about to enter their 5th decade, people usually split into several groups. Some of them say 40 is the new 30 and either go on with their lives as normal, or start doing something they haven’t even thought of before. Others are afraid to wake up some fine morning and realize they’re already over 50% through their life. Last but not least are those who make their best to hit the stride, getting round to gaining momentum.

Whatever group your guest of the honor belongs to, they deserve to get a present which is worth holding onto for a long time. So, how about celebrating their transition to such an important life milestone, marked as an Over 40 Club, with a present they’re gonna love?

Scroll down the giftscoach list of the top 40th birthday gift ideas – design your perfect surprise. Help your giftee forget about an upcoming mid-life crisis – life is great, especially with your creative bounty at hand!

Top 40th Birthday Gift Ideas Anyone Wants

Are you ready to dive into the torrents of meaningful, useful and fun 40th birthday gift ideas? Buckle up! The choice won’t be easy to make, but your giftee’s feedback is certain to be exhilarating anyway!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

How not to have your head blown off looking through numerous 40th birthday gift ideas for brother, dad, husband or cousin? Let the giftscoach help you to get creative. We’ve chosen the best options available – the choice is yours!


40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

What is on your list of birthday gift ideas for sister turning 40? Maybe, the birthday girl isn’t your sister, but mother, wife or even daughter? Scroll down the page to find what you need – the perfect things for your nearest and dearest!


Guides to the Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas Ever

  • Has your giftee always dreamt of a huge birthday party? Make their 40th anniversary as catchy as you can with a 40th birthday gameroulette drinking gamecan coolers or fabulous birthday party decorations;
  • How about enhancing your giftee’s beverage experience? Don’t hesitate to opt for a wine bottle puzzlewood globe barwhiskey decanter or exquisite vintage glasses. Make sure you’ve considered a wine scanner as well;
  • If your giftee’s more sentimental than you and anyone around are, bring them a bit of nostalgia with a 40 years ago posterback in the day greeting cards setvintage t-shirt or retro candy box;
  • Want a bit of fun? Choose a pepper pyramid sampler or strange party balloons for your giftee – these presents will definitely change your skepticism about 40th birthday gag gifts for the better;
  • If your giftee’s really important for you, give them something you want to have yourself. A bath bomb making supplieshead massagergold dipped bracelet or a good book seem to be a safe bet;
  • Provide your giftee with a new hobby or enhance the existing one! A beer brewing starter kitmolecular gastronomy kit and hot sauce making set are at their service;
  • Tech has never got competitors when it comes to choosing a birthday gift. Why not honor your giftee’s anniversary with a mini travel steamersous vide precision cookersmart vacuum cleanerelectric scooter3D printer or even smart watch?