34 Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning sweet 21 can be compared to… Nothing, actually. That’s why it’s quite difficult to choose the best option from all the possible 21st birthday gift ideas offered on the net. You just can’t put yourself into your giftee’s shoes, especially if you haven’t become “legal” yet.

Let’s just imagine: 21st birthday – what does it mean? Being on the threshold of this important milestone officially puts your giftee into the new reality. They become an adult in the eyes of the law while getting independent enough to fulfill any dream. Lots of doors are open for them to gamble, adopt a child, get an adult license or a gun (who knows – tastes differ!), become an Uber driver, purchase liquor anywhere or club wherever they want to.

Meanwhile, turning 21 isn’t such a stroke of luck sometimes. Whoever they’re for you, don’t forget to remind them: 21 is only a lucky start! It’s time to party their ass off (still not too much) and gain momentum as never before!

Got the gist but still not sure how to celebrate your giftee’s setting legal majority? Don’t worry — giftscoach has done everything instead of and for you: just scroll down the page! The most special and unique gifts for your dear guys and gals are waiting for their thunder!

Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas Anyone Wants

Tired of endless looking through the cool 21st birthday gift ideas lists, but still haven’t found anything worth buying? Don’t despair – giftscoach has found presents able to make your giftee on top of the world! Everything from revolutionary tech to sentimental posters or clothes – just check out and enjoy!


21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Let your dear newly-minted adult feel the taste of long-awaited maturity to the fullest. Lists of 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend, sister or bestie seem to be endless, but giftscoach has picked top options for you! How about a makeup kit, selfie ring or sterling snake chain? There’s a lot more: scroll down and you’ll see!


21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Men of age love to be loved. Celebrate their transition to the new milestone by expressing all your sincerest feelings. A console, gaming headset or programming kit will show how much you need him to be in your life. A grooming set and survival knife will show how much you want him to be awesome, safe and sound. Check out all giftscoach unique 21st birthday gift ideas for him and choose the one you like most!


Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gift Ideas — How to Choose the Best One?

  • Make the present resonating with your giftee’s inner world. Is your giftee a subtle person constantly worrying about others’ thoughts and opinions? Keep them from getting absorbed in distress with an invaluable self-help book to dot the I’s or cool gel nail polish kit to free their creativity.
  • Make sure the gift will keep on giving. Decide on an indispensable hair dryerclassic flaskan extraordinary T-shirt or a fashionable shoulder bag – don’t let the pleasure be short-lived.
  • Think if you can impressively wrap it up. Just imagine your giftee ripping off the wrapping paper from the box with an instant cameraa cute smart speakerfancy gaming console or quadcopter inside it.
  • Surprise your giftee. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the gift they’ve never expected to get. A balancing longboarddrone and Segway will lead to amazement and amusement for sure!
  • Make the present simple but special. Mark the giftee’s contribution to your life, giving something really distinct. Choose a stylish leather walletsterling 21-bead necklace or cute scratch-off posters are as touching as can be.
  • Let the gift appeal to your recipient’s personality. Is your gift receiver fond of jogging? A smartwatch is for them! How about coding? Give them a fabulous programming kit. Is she an aspiring makeup artist? Leave all the cool 21st birthday gift ideas behind in favor of a stunning makeup kit.