29 Top 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing a present for the one turning 18 is tricky. Your soon-18-year-old giftee is going to face lots of crucial life changes: get drunk legally, get the right to enter adults-only stores, drive a truck (who knows!), do stuff without parental permission etc. As a gift-giver, you shouldn’t lag behind all these newly emerged astonishing chances.

You’re really lucky to find giftscoach! Scroll down the page to see the best 18th birthday gift ideas ever. Here you’ll find really wanted ones by all 18-year-olds – pick the most appealing, and enjoy a radiant smile on your giftee’s face!

Cool 18th Birthday Gift Ideas Anyone Wants


18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys


18th Birthday Gift Ideas — How to Choose the Best Gift?

How to make your present the most remarkable and meaningful on such a memorable occasion? No worries, giftscoach is here to guide you.

  • Help your giftee find their path for the upcoming adulthood. Such creative 18th birthday gift ideas include a perspective-changing booktravel mapaction camera — you choose. If your giftee’s constantly seeking a sense of belonging, that’s how you’ll lend a hand!
  • Experiment, avoid mainstreams, and brainstorm to come up with unique 18th birthday gift ideas for devoted hobbyists: PlayStation consolelongboard, scratch-off poster, or a cute Instax. That’s how you can introduce a new hobby to your adult-to-be.
  • Choose a lasting gift that keeps giving. Let your giftee enjoy it for many days to come, no matter it’s wireless headphones, gaming mouse, or makeup kit. Make your giftee’s daily routine even brighter this way!
  • Solve your giftee’s problems. If she can’t manage her fluffy hair, choose a one-step hair dryer and volumizer. If the giftee needs something holding the phone while filming funny videos or make-up tutorials, give a tripod stand with a lighting ring.
  • Think of the way you’ll present your surprise to the giftee, but if you aren’t good at it, choose the gift speaking for itself. A sterling necklace or a smartwatch seemingly don’t need any description.
  • Mind that 18th birthday is a grandiose occasion that requires significant gifts. A car is definitely the win-win. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry! Getting a segway or a VR headset will still make your birthday boy/girl feel on top of the world!